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Welcome to the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.Org for a beloved, generous, homely, and insanely beautiful country flowing with family history, the warmest colours of humanity and community, jade green paddy fields and golden sunrises and sunsets reflecting on the water; my beloved Bangladesh.

What is a "fanlisting"? Well, it is simply a site that aims to unite fans from all across the world of a particular subject, by creating an online "list" of "fans" for that subject. This is in accordance with the idea found at the original online fanlisting headquarters, TheFanlistings.Org.

Why did I build this fanlisting for Bangladesh? Well, sadly, most people are familiar with the misfortunes of Bangladesh - a third world, developing country, suffocated with poverty, national disaster, mistrust and inevitable political corruption. However, there is a reason why the people of Bangladesh are also considered the happiest people on Earth - only in such a country can you find the equally powerful and intense generosity, concern, happiness and simplicity. Then there are slices of inexplicable freedom and adventure, where your whole village can dance in monsoon rains and visit ancient Kings' houses and talk about generations of intricate family history at 3am and sail motorcycle and rickshaw sunrise highways and golden rice fields with tropical mosquitoes and tail-dancing cows so that, despite the tragedy of the country, you realise that no words can define the insane, overpowering beauty of such a fine country and its people.

And if you are also a fan of Bangladesh, why not join the fanlisting, and become part of a growing list of Bangladesh fans? :) Site navigation can be found above on the main image, and as text at the very bottom of the page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - and thanks for visiting!

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Opened: 4th September 2008
Last updated: 03rd April 2019
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