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This website is the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.org dedicated to Bangladesh, and aims to create the biggest listing of fans of this country.

my love for bangladesh

A country flowing with family history, the warmest colours of humanity and community, jade green paddy fields and golden sunrises and sunsets reflecting on the water; my beloved Bangladesh.

Sadly, most people are familiar with the misfortunes of Bangladesh - a third world, developing country, suffocated with poverty, national disaster, mistrust and inevitable political corruption. However, there is a reason why the people of Bangladesh are also considered the happiest people on Earth - only in such a country can you find the equally powerful and intense generosity, concern, happiness and simplicity. Then there are slices of inexplicable freedom and adventure, where your whole village can dance in monsoon rains and visit ancient Kings' houses and talk about generations of intricate family history at 3am and sail motorcycle and rickshaw sunrise highways and golden rice fields with tropical mosquitoes and tail-dancing cows so that, despite the tragedy of the country, you realise that no words can define the insane, overpowering beauty of such a fine country and its people.

Bangladesh is my family and home country, but as I wasn't born there, it is a place where I feel both out of place and inexplicably at home. I visit it regularly and am very close to my family there. My visits there have opened my eyes equally to the bad and good parts of the country. There is a lot of pain, poverty and suffering in this country that shouldn't be denied nor ignored, but equally this should not stop people - especially visitors - from witnessing the beauty of Bangladesh. In a generalistic sense, Bengali people are very poetic, romantic, warm, inquisitive and witty, and are very warm towards others. Society is driven by both technology and agriculture, a rich and colourful culture, and very importantly, communication. In every corner, you can find groups of people sipping tea and crunching on fried foods, talking about their day, their family, their life. No Bengali will miss out on a chance to communicate with others. They will go out of the way to ensure you feel at home and can talk about your life.

For the first time in my life, I can understand why some people feel so passionately about a country. Not in the overwhelming, dividing and detrimental sense of national passion, but more the type of national passion that consumes you in its hidden beauty, and makes you feel proud to be a part of such a blossoming country. This is the type of passion for a country that makes you want to unite the whole world in a tolerance of differences, so that everybody can share and witness worldwide prides in different cultures and origins.

Written by Raine, the website owner

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